Differences in Photos

I have been a long time Scrivener for Mac user, but due to recent business changes find myself occassionally working with Scrivener for Windows.

This is potentially a question I just cannot seem to find an answer for, but here it is: in Mac, I put Character Photos in the Inspector for each chapter and the photos automatically adjust to the proper size. Moving the SCRIV file to Windows, the photos are ‘actual size’ meaing they display only a fraction or part of the photo. I have run into the same issue with Scrivener for Linux.

My question is this: is there such a thing as an ‘optimum’ size for photos in Scrivener Inspector? I have tried on my own, with little success, to make the pictures fit the way I prefer. The layout I use is BINDER, PAGE, INSPECTOR (with Inspector adjusted to minimum width.)

If anyone can tell me size, inches, pixels, etc that would fit properly, I’d appreciate it greatly!