differences Mac/Windows?

Is there a list of the major differences between the Mac and the Windows version?

Any use…


Thank you for the tip, however it is not easy to find things out. The list starts with Scrivener 1.5.7 for Windows compare to Scrivener 2.2 for Mac and so I also read the release notes, but that’s a hard work. Until now I used scrivener for Mac, but for some reasons I consider to go on with scrivener for windows. Mainly because I like to work with speech recognition software and Dragon NaturallySpeaking {Windows} is far better than Dragon Dictate {Mac}.
I like writing in page view, but that is not available in the Windows version, is it on any roadmap to come up in the near future?
Another question: I’m from Austria, is scrivener for Windows available in German as well?
And since I like to write with speech recognition software: any experiences with Windows 10, scrivener and Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Page view will be coming in the next major (paid) update of Scrivener for Windows, sometime next year. Scrivener for Windows has already been translated into German, so yes, you can use the UI in German. I know others have used Dragon Dictate with it, but, being the Mac developer, I haven’t tested it with the Windows version myself so others will be better placed to advise on that.

It’s not really possible to maintain a list of all of the differences because there are so many, many very minor and pertaining to OS differences, and it’s changing all of the time - Lee is working very hard to catch up, and features are being added to the Windows version with every release. At the same time, the Mac version is moving forward (mostly behind the scenes at the moment), so Lee has a fast moving target to move towards.

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Thank you!