Different backgrounds for different sections?

One of the things that I like most in Scrivener is the possibility to change nearly any element of the interface, in terms of customization I mean.

What I wanted to ask is if I can change the background in the editor mode making the various sections of the project (manuscript, research, characters etc) to appear in the editor central pane with different backgrounds > ie having grey background for Character sheets, white for the Manuscript parts, beige for settings, pale yellow for Research, for instance.

Thanks for your attention!

No; it’s possible to change the Editor colors, but that applies to the Editor view generally, so all documents will take on those settings. You could change the text color in different documents and then (until you change it again) that would stay consistent for the document and not be carried over into other documents. New ones would still default to black (or whatever you set as default in the Formatting preferences), but it’d be quick to switch it when you start typing.

Not, I realize, the same as changing the background, but it’s an option.

You can also change the icons of different documents, which will help distinguish “sections” in the binder, and the icons are also visible in the Editor header or in Corkboard or Outliner. So that may be helpful–a little more subtle, but on the upside, it’s visible in more places. Right click on the document in the Binder or in Corkboard or Outliner and choose “Change Icon” to select something from the list of options or import your own.

Why, thanks a lot for the reply and suggestions.
It’s not big deal of a problem to start with, just me being a sucker about the ‘perfect layout’ and exploring all the possibilities about customization!