different color pins in the corkboard for different voices?

Hi - I don’t know if this can be done, but I’d really like, in the corkboard view, to assign a different color pin to each narrator/pov character in my novel. That way, I could get an at-a glance view of how much of the story is from each pov. I wasn’t expecting to have more than one pov throughout, but, as it turns out, I have three, plus one or two more minor characters chiming in. Is there a way to assign colors to the pins or index cards?


You can!

First, make sure you show the pins (View -> Index Cards -> Show Pins ⌥⌘P or choose to colour the entire card with View -> index Cards -> Tint Cards with Label Colour)

Second, if you have not already, set up your labels as POV: File -> Label & Status setup ⌥⌘,
You’ll get a new window where you can set the name of your labels (Custom Title, I set it to ‘POV’) and create your labels (add, remove and double-click to change colour). Create your characters and give them a colour.

Next, in your cork-board, show the inspector. You’ll see a section ‘General’ which will have a ‘POV’ selection box. When you select the character belonging to that card, the pin will show the colour you chose in the Label Setup.



Thanks! That’s great. Now I know I definitely need a couple more chapters from the other kids’ pov - really helpful to see it laid out like that. (And I would never have been able to figure it out on my own- :slight_smile: )