Different colours for card/pin & changing status labels

Hi there,

Just two questions from me. :slight_smile:

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s not, from the poking around I’ve been doing, but just wanted to make sure before I wrote it off - is there a way to set the index card and card pin colours independently of each other? So, for example, one is the label colour and one is something else?

I’d like to be able, for example, to use pin colour to show character PoV and card colour for the major theme of the scene - and I’m already using keyboard chips to indicate characters appearing in the scenes and status stamps for, well, status. If not, then… well, I suppose that’s on my wishlist - secondary labels!

  1. I use the same set of status labels on each project. Is there a way to set this up as the “default set” so that when I start a new project I don’t need to go in and re-edit the labels?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. I’m pretty new to Scrivener myself, but I think the pin and index card color can’t be independent. While each index card can only have 1 label, they can have multiple keywords. You can’t see the keywords unless you select an individual index card, but you can search for index cards by keyword. (I’ve read that the Mac version has custom meta-data, something I can’t wait for the windows version to get)

  2. I’ve read the template all were created by creating the blank project, and then customizing it. Maybe if you try to make your own template with those labels, you could just make your future projects from that template.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: