Different Font / formatting For QuickReference?

Hi guys,

Is there a way to allow QuickReference panels to use a different display font/formatting from the actual document they’re being used to show? It may seem crazy, but I think this would be a great feature, if there currently isn’t a way. Just maybe a Preferences pane (maybe entitled “QuickReference”) that had a checkbox that says, “Override Document Formatting in QuickReference panels”, and then an option to use the Default Formatting, and then a list of formatting options. Just a quick thought, if there isn’t such a feature already available. Also, the ability to set custom editor margins for QuickReference panels would be nice, too, because right now it uses the same margin settings as the main editor, which is not always cool. Finally, it would be nice if QuickReference panels let you adjust the text-zoom independently of the main editor, with all of the above features acting independently, as well . . . that is, the QuickReference panel editors ought to live in their own little world of settings that don’t affect the actual document being viewed. I don’t know how possible any of this is (and I can already hear cries of, “But why would you want to…!? etc”) but for me, and the way I work, these would be really useful additions to the Scrivener feature-set. (And before anyone mentions “Splitting” the editor, no thanks… tried that, didn’t like it, plus it didn’t resolve the margins issue.)

Andy H.

There’s no way to override fonts at all - it’s not something supported by the OS X text system. You can’t display rich text in one font in one place and a different font in a different place, because the font is a part of the rich text (unlike with plain text, which you can display in any way you want to).

Zooming in QuickReference panels is already supported, and is remembered separately to the zoom factor in the main editor.

As for the margins, I’m loathe to add Yet Another Preference, I’m afraid.

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