Different font in full screen?

Is there any way to set a different font when in full screen mode? Obviously this is so I can be 21st century man when in windowed mode, and Doogie Howser when in full screen. In other words: I love to screw around. Possible?

No, this isn’t possible. The OS X text system allows for temporary overridden colours but not fonts.
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Good to know. Thanks for the answer.

While we’re on the subject, anyone out there know of a resource for the “optimal” full screen color configuration? I’m looking for some science on this subject. I’ve don black on white, gray on blue, green on black and black on off-white. Each seems to take my eyes for a different kind of whirl. If anyone knows what will keeps peepers happy, please share. :open_mouth:

I remember reading an article, years ago, stating that a pale yellow on an 8–10% black background is the best for longevity and legibility, in conjunction with a sans serif font at a size that you can read comfortably at 2 feet away. It’s probably going to be different for everyone though, to a degree. I wish I could find that study, but nothing I’m typing into Google seems to pull it up.

Beyond that, there are many things you should be doing outside of the monitor to help with eye strain. Every twenty minutes or so you should give your eyes a “long view” focus break using the 20-20-20 rule of thumb. Twenty seconds of focussing at something far off; twenty close; twenty far; then go back to work. Proper lighting around your computer can make a big difference. Try moving lamps around so they don’t glare on the monitor or create a strong contrast on your vision; avoid working in a completely dark room; or a room that is heavily lit by exterior lighting. The best lights to use with a computer will keep the room somewhat dark, and are warm in temperature with no flicker, positioned near eye level, but out of site.

Just off on a tangent (not trying to hijack the thread or anything) – but can any serious minded person understand the current craze for gloss monitors?



I can only hope it’s better now–I haven’t gone computer shopping in a while–but it was such an annoyance to get a build without one. I don’t see why I should lose other features just because I don’t want a screen that’s impossible to read. :confused: Even if all you use the computer for is media consumption, I still don’t see why a glare isn’t irritating. Le sigh.

That’s not a tangent at all, it’s certainly a decent point! I recently switched to Monaco 12 point, blown up 175% in Full Screen. I’m slowly learning the benefits of Markdown, and trying to do a lot of my writing in it. Monaco helps me feel like I’m in a bit of a Typewrite/coding environment. As to the colors, I’ll keep playing. And if I find some science to back up all of this, I’ll share. Happy writing.