Different font size on first line of new section

I’m found a curious bug while test-driving a manuscript e-book. I’ve set up styles so I can format the characters and paragraph of the first paragraph of a section, such as:


New sections of my story are formatted as follows:

  • First letter, 16pt Baskerville, Bold [set as a formatting style, limited to character attributes]
  • First 1-6 words, 13pt Baskerville, Regular, all caps (faking small caps, essentially) [set as a formatting style, limited to character attributes]
  • Remainder of first paragraph of the section, 14pt Baskerville, Regular [set as a formatting style, paragraph style]

This works fine overall. However, if the first paragraph is only one line, then the font size of the entire text in the line is 16pt, instead of 14pt. Here’s an example, where the first line is larger than the text in the next paragraph.


I’m seeing this in current version of Kindle viewer, on my Kindle paperwhite, and on Adobe Digital Editions for .epub.

Any advice on how to resolve?

Thanks, I was able to reproduce this as well. It appears to be related to line-length, and how many characters there are on the line of average font size. I’ve forwarded the tests to the developer.

By the way, you may wish to know for the future that Scrivener can do this kind of formatting for you automatically, there is no need to do all of this work yourself (unless you wish to specifically choose how many words should be upper-cased for each section). In the Formatting compile option pane, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the type of icon that is relevant to main body content (probably the text file icon, but you may need to apply these settings to others if you use them to print e-book content too).
  2. Click the Section Layout… button, and navigate to the “First Page” tab.
  3. Here you can select how many words should be upper-cased, and even use faux small caps (the same method you are using, for compatibility, rather than font-based).

This can be used independently from global font override.

Depending on how many of these you’ve made by hand, it may be worth it to switch over to the automation, as this particular bug does not seem to appear with it in my testing.

Glad to help, and thank you for the explanation on the formatting option. I’ll look into that as well!