Different fonts for full screen/revision mode

Just a thought - and probably no one else would care. But I’m more and more convinced of the value of being able to write in one font/format and revise in another. Seeing the same manuscript delivered differently does give you perspective. It’s amazing the new things I pick up just by exporting into an epub and reading the thing on my seven-inch tablet.

To that end - and this is obviously a long term suggestion - I wonder if there might be the opportunity for a different kind of revision viewing mode in full screen. One that changes the font from the one the MS is written in and maybe converts to a book-like format, then returns to the normal font when you go back to writing/editing in the usual screen. Ulysses I know allows for a different font in full screen (one of the few things I like about that). Just an idea.

For anyone who’s interested in my final (and now satisfactory) tablet revision system here are a couple of blog posts.
davidhewson.com/blog/2011/10 … works.html
davidhewson.com/blog/2011/10 … s-too.html

Hi David,

Although I agree that being able to view text in a different font in full screen would be superb - and you’re not the only to suggest this, in fact, it has come up several times over the years - there are some serious technical difficulties with implementing something like this. The OS X text system makes it easy to temporarily override colours, but there is no way of overriding fonts temporarily, and it would essentially involve creating my own typesetting engine to handle it.

There’s an important distinction between rich-text and plain-text programs here: Ulysses is plain text, so no font information is encoded in the text itself. This means that Ulysses, and other plain text programs, can just switch the font without any problem, because with plain text, the font used is just a display choice. But with rich text, such as Scrivener users, the font is part of the text itself; changing the font is a change to the text. Although from a user perspective this might not seem too important, especially if you’re using the same font throughout and just want it switched, from a technical perspective it is more problematic, because the font is just as bound up with the text as the bold, italics, line spacing and suchlike (and some fonts don’t support bold or italics, so switching between different fonts could cause problems beyond just losing the font information in the text).

I’m not saying it’s impossible - it’s not, it should be possible with a custom layout engine built on top of the existing text system - just something that is difficult and would take a lot of beta-testing. So it’s definitely something for 3.0, I think. (It is something I would like myself, though, as it is definitely something that would be useful.)

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P.S. A couple of users were talking about your tablet revision system here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/david-hewson-on-revising-with-a-tablet/14829/1

Ah - didn’t appreciate the complexities. Sounds like a lot of trouble for small reward. Exporting to epub works fantastically anyway. Thanks for the quick reply as usual!

Has there been any change to this answer. I am doing some extensive revisions and being able to use a different font, or even font style (e.g. bold or underlined) would make things easier.
Failing that, is there any way to make it such that text of a given color can be searched for and then the font modified, or the text underlined, or whatever.
Is this on the books for V3


No, the situation remains as it did two years ago in regards to overriding fonts.

You can search for formatting using the formatting finder from the Edit > Find menu.

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