Different Fonts?

I don’t like that my document is limited to one font. I would like my Headers be one font and other text, etc to be different, but if I change one font, it changes everything. That seems much too limited. How can I resolve this?

Sorry you don’t like it, but Scapple is meant more as a tool for getting your thoughts out than making them pretty. What features it has for adjusting the appearance of notes are meant to be entirely for that process of cataloguing your thoughts—for example where a red note means something, rather than just being red because it looks good. So in this sense, the ability to select a font is meant to be a concession to the fact that most people have a favourite font they like to work with, and some people really don’t like some types of fonts, so instead of just forcing everyone to use Helvetica or something, we give you a choice. That choice isn’t meant to imply that one is now formatting their board.