Different format (landscape/portrait) for different folders (Characters, Places, Screenplay)

I would like to have the index cards in portrait format for my Characters folder to show their images. For my other folders (Screenplay, Places, Research), I want them to be in landscape format. I can only change the settings for all at once; landscape for all or portrait for all. Can the settings for the index cards be kept on a per-folder basis?

Changing the size and aspect ration of Index Cards on the Corkboard takes place in the Corkboard setting reached by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the Corkboard View Mode.

Unfortunately, the size you set is applied to all Index Cards. You could select the setting to show the Index Cards als photos, make them large and square, and insert portrait images for characters and landscape images for settings…

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Thank you for your quick reply, Antoni. I am already displaying the index cards as folders with photos. I was hoping I missed a setting somewhere and that there was a possibility to have independent settings.

Or you could use the mind mapping software from L&L Scapple and have a project with just character photos one way and a location project with photos in landscape. you can resize and drag as needed right into Scrivener or drag notes in scapple right in as well. Is a one time price and very useful for visualizing your story.
example of a character card template I use in Scapple (very free form program)

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Thx, GoalieDad. I own Scapple as well. So far, I have used it only for outlining and decision branching for visual novels. I’ll give it a thought.