Different language settings for individual documents? How?

Not entirely sure if it is just me (AKA too stupid to find the right setting…) or if this something I would love to see as a feature in the future:

My English still sucks, but I work on articles/books in both my native German and English.
Quite often I have documents in both languages open at the same time.

What drives me and the autocorrect feature crazy: whenever I switch to a different dictionary in Scrivener’s options, this seems to be a global setting and affects all documents.

Is there a way - similar to what we know from word processors - to assign language settings independently to

  • each document
  • or, even better, individual text passages (useful for quotes, documents that contain bi-lingual drafts of website articles, etc.)

Thanks for any input!

You profile states that you use both Mac & Windows versions, but since post is on the Windows forum, I assume you’re experiencing this on Windows.

At the moment the Windows versions is limited to one global language setting, I’m afraid, and only supports dictionary lookups, not grammar rules.

The Mac version by default will scan and recognize any supported language, so it will correctly apply grammar and dictionary lookups accordingly (this functionality is provided by the OS).

Hope this helps!

yep. MacBook died a tragic death some time ago and thanks to “budget limitations” I am currently stuck with Windoze…

I thought I remembered not having this problem with the Mac version… well, thank you, that answers my questions - and makes this post a feature request! :slight_smile:

Never mind the grammar checks, my English grammar is beyond automatic repair anyways… LOL - but having to set the language every time you work on a different document is slightly annoying.

I’m not sure, but IIRC it’s already on the requested features list.

Or we can restate the oft pointed out fact from KB that “everything that is in Scrivener for Mac will be available in the windows version”.

The actual quote I know of is

All features of the Mac version are planned for inclusion in the Windows version. We can’t provide any specific dates, but anything you see in the Mac version will be coming to the Windows version if it’s not there already.” (emphasis added).

I think KB missed the word “eventually” on that one :slight_smile:

In fact, I’m not sure if this applies in this case. There’re some limitations on the spelling engine used on Windows & Linux regarding this matter, and IMHO doing it exactly like Mac OS does for their apps on this is a major endeavour.

Some users have requested at least a per-project language setting, but I don’t know if that’s already on the queue or not (I’m just a Scrivener fan, not a developer).

The language features on Mac are entirely provided by OS X; Scrivener doesn’t do anything with any of that. Windows does not have a similar feature, sadly, and we’re not in a position to develop an equivalent suite of language tools. We’re looking into different dictionary options for the next major version of Scrivener on Windows, and we’re aware that there’ve been requests for a per-project dictionary, but whether that’s something Scrivener will ever be able to handle, I can’t say. If we are able to do it, it’s on the list.

Understandable - thanks for the clarification.

In different words: Must. Have. Mac.

Anyone here willing to donate an old MacBook Pro to a poor writer living in a 3rd world country who mostly works on non-commercial treehugger projects? Will take me forever to “earn” another one… :wink:

I’m using Mac with Yosemite OS, and I write in French and English. At the moment Scrivener doesn’t recognize the English documents. How can I fix this?