Different margin settings on front matter

As a new user Im currently playing around with different settings and I really like the compile functions. However, I don’t seem to quite get how to set up my project so that I can have one set of page properties for my front matter and another for the other folders. Is this possible at all?

Im thinking something like:

Front page: right/left margin 1 inch

Rest of the compiled document: right/left margin 1.5 inch



I have selected the “as is” option in compile “content” section for the title page. This seem to only control the text formatting rather than the page setup.


No, there’s no way to do this - page margins must be consistent throughout the compiled document (although you can alternate left and right margins for recto/verso pages). Some formats wouldn’t allow different margins for different sections even if Scrivener did.

All the best,

Thank you for the fast answer. Impressed with both the software and the community so far.

Could this be added for the PDF output though? It’d be useful, for example, to be able to have the cover as a bleed-to-edge image (or close to it) but the rest of the document with regular margins.

I’m considering adding a “cover” option for PDF files for a future version.


I would LOVE a “cover” option for PDFs in the future. About 1/3 of my readers who buy from me direct still use PDF files and I’ve been creating them in InDesign. Being able to keep the workflow in Scrivener with my ePubs and Mobis would be a huge time-saver.