Different page count between publishing and proofing

Hi, I get a different page count between publishing mode and proofing mode for compiling. I notice that the essay target will coincide with the publishing mode, but the proofing mode will compile into one less page. Am I doing something wrong?

It could be a layout difference. In the descriptions for each, if you see anything that might be in use by one that isn’t applicable to the other, that could be the culprit. For example if you had a two-column layout near the start, that could make a difference in the overall “height” of the document. Another thing that may cause some discrepancy is if there are a lot of footnotes. Publishing mode will render them as endnotes, where they may take up more space than as end-of-page footnotes wherever they appear.

Whatever the case may be, they are completely different rendering engines, so it’s not surprising there are differences. Publishing is the Mac’s own PDF generator, and Proofing uses the same Java-based conversion engine used for .doc/x and .odt files—it just so happens to have a PDF export option along with the word processor formats.

The part about why they’re different makes sense. But what’s really confusing is that my essay target says 6 pages, and publishing says 6 pages. Yet, proofing says 5 pages and when I print to ODT I also get 5 pages. I’m trying to figure out how to make the essay target determine my actual final output. I’m not sure how it gets it actual count.

You mean the Project Targets in page count mode, in Scrivener? That’s going to be using the Publishing output because it is far faster. At only six pages it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but for longer documents it could get bothersome, waiting thirty seconds or so for a progress bar to update.

One thing I noticed is that you didn’t mention switching footnotes to endnotes, in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane. If you tested the ODT file with footnotes, vs. the Publishing PDF with endnotes, then that could be the source of the discrepancy between the two. Basically if the formatting in Scrivener/Publishing->PDF is roughly equal to the formatting of Scrivener->ODT->PDF, it should be pretty close.

Thanks for the explanation. It is pretty close. It only goes over to a new page by 4 double spaced lines. I’ll just keep this in mind from now on.