Different page setups?


I’d like to know if it’s possible to use different page setups for different documents. Since I like to write my drafts with an A5 format, which however seems to be quite unhandy for my research-files, I searched for a way to setup different formats. There’s too little room for documents like character-templates within an A5, so I’d like to use A4 for those… for example.

Thanks for your help!

I’m assuming you mean this while using the Page View editor mode? If so, there are two available modes for Page View. One uses your print settings and the other your preferences. The preferences can be set up in the Editor preferences tab, and the print settings in the File/Page Setup... window. Using one set to A4 and the other to A5, you can alternate between them in the View/Page View/ sub-menu.

But there is no way to have them open automatically in different set-ups, sorry.
All the best,