Different Price

Hi all,
Scrivener is amazing and after the trial I’m buying it, but why on Apple Store it cost Euros 39,99 and on Literature and Latte website it costs Euros 47 (VAT included)? There is a difference?
Please let me know,

I don’t know for certain, but I’m guessing that the Apple Store price does not yet include VAT, which the store will add at checkout time.


Ok, but there is some advantage buying it on Literature and Latte website?

Possibly (I’m guessing here, but these are the reasons I have in mind when buying direct)

  1. Maybe some future advantage from lack of sandboxing (this happens with MMDC2 for example)
  2. Possible quicker updates - (ditto)
  3. L&L get more of your money

Even if 1 and 2 are false, or don’t apply to Scrivener, 3 is a stand-alone sufficient motive (for me, anyway).



There are some very minor restrictions (minor being relative to what you need Scrivener to do) on the App Store version, dictated by Apple, that are not present on the Lit & Lat version. I can’t recall what those restrictions are though. The L&L version updates come faster, because they don’t have to wait for Apple to approve the changes.

You canmdownload and run the L&L version if you bought from Apple if you like; it will validate against your App Store version’s license code whatsywhosit, and so won’t go into trial mode.