Different quotation marks

Hi guys,

I have a little problem in my current project: I copied in some text wich I composed in Libreoffice. Now I see, that I do have different styles of quotation marks strayed across several folders. Is there a possibility to change all quotation marks to one unique style for a project?


Try Edit > Find > Project Replace

Don’t type in a question mark, but rather paste your 2 different question marks into the respective boxes (Find + Replace)

Make sure you backup your project first. And also run a trial check to see if you can indeed restore the zipped Backup. Some users have been experiencing problems with this.

You can also select text and use Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes (or Quote to Straight Quotes), depending what you’re after. It’s also possible to straighten smart quotes at the compile stage, if you don’t want to bother with changing everything in the project while you’re working and only need them standardized when you bring everything together at the end.

I’ve been using a plain text editor to write drafts on the go and then paste them into Scrivener when I get to my desktop at home. Which is great except that it only has straight quotes, and I want to use smart quotes.

So I try Format > Convert > Straight Quotes to Smart Quotes

Except that it’s greyed out, unless I select a chunk of text in the editor. I have a good couple of hundred scenes to convert, and as far as I know there’s no way to highlight all the text in the manuscript at once, and I don’t really want to have to individually select each one, ctrl+a the text and then convert the quotes each time.

Is there a way to automatically convert the whole project?

There is not, currently, although we have improvements planned for how a Scrivenings session is handled so that some text editing across documents will be possible. For now you’re probably better off waiting to do this post-compile, when you can take the single document output from Scrivener and use Word or another word processor to do the straight-to-smart replacement in one go.