Different Results in Search Field and Synopsis Finder

I found a text file using the Synopsis Finder, but I cannot find the same text when I use the Search Bar. I expanded the search to check the Trash as well, but that was not useful. I tried searching an exact phrase or just a word, but I still cannot locate the file through the Search Bar. Does anyone have recommendations on how to solve this?

If you can find it with the synopsis finder then that is good enough a tool for locating the document in the project, because the View/Reveal in Binder menu command works from this index card tool. :slight_smile: Simply select the item from the search result list and hit Opt-Cmd-R to reveal its position in the binder.

My concern is that I usually use the search bar, and I may be skipping over important notes if the results from Synopsis Finder and the Search Bar are different. It does not seem very productive to have to search multiple ways in Scrivener for documents, thought at the moment, I will keep it in mind.

Make sure that the Search Bar is searching synopses. This is the Search In setting in the top portion of the dropdown menu, accessible from the arrow at the left edge of the Search Bar.