Different style doesn't change in compiling epub

Sometimes I want to use a different font when formatting, and I use a style for that, but I notice that bold and italics are not included in the final formatting in the epub. I tried it without style, but that didn’t work.
Also hyperlinks are not shown.
How do I fix that?

Publisher fonts in e-books are notoriously troublesome. But it may work: https://antonidol.nl/checklist-for-getting-publisher-fonts-in-e-books-right/

Another issue is Styles overriding formatting for bold and italic, so either remove the Styles altogether, or mirror your Editor styles in the Compile Styles in the Compile Format Designer.

Hyperlinks should work, but a compile setting exist to remove them. Document links work only when the target is also in the compiled document.

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Thank you, I’ve send you a PM.