Different Text Colors in Binder?

Okay, so I’ve looked through the Scrivener preferences several times now and I can’t seem to find an option that will make the folder title text different colors inside the Binder. For instance, say there’s a folder labeled “A”, and I have finished editing inside of folder “A”, (yes, I am aware of the notes option for “statuses”, and I use that, but I need something that is more noticeable with my limited vision inside the Binder itself) is there a way to take the text for individual folders and alter them to reflect status of completion? I can’t use folder color either, because I already have folder colors set up to reflect something else. Do I have any options?

Have you tried using Labels for this? I’m not sure if that is what you mean by folder colours, but if not, try these settings:

  1. View, Use Label Color In, Binder
  2. In that same submenu, Show as Background Color in Binder.
  3. You may want to increase the visual impact a bit. The default label colours are extremely subtle. They can be made richer in Project, Project Settings, under the Label List section. You’ll have to double-click on the colour chip I think—unless there is a way to activate on the image cell before each editable label.

As a side note: you may want to create for yourself a set of stock label colours that work well for you. In fact this is something I do myself in my custom blank starter project. I find the defaults too pastel to be useful for how I use them. You can creat a project template starter like I did, but that is even useful for existing projects since you can copy and paste labels from one project’s Project Settings panel to another. If I want a colour or two from my default set, I create a “throw-away” project from my template and copy them in.

  1. You can also increase the opacity itself, so that it is not blended with the binder background, in the Appearance: General Interaface: Options preference pane. The setting is at the end of the list: Opacity of label colors when used in backgrounds.

I can’t use the label option because I already have the labels set for the icons. I just want to change the color of individual text.

For instance, here’s an example of what I’m looking to do.

Folder A is labeled with a color for chapter one, but the title of the folder needs to be labeled as edited or unedited. I need a way to change the title text color. Is there a way to do this?

Okay, yeah in that case there is nothing other than the label that sets a colour for an item. Changing the text colour would be problematic anyway, even as an additional function of the label rather than another label setting. Consider dark versus light mode, where text is designed to shift from black to white if the background becomes too dark for it.