Different windows display different word counts

Hey, folks!

I may be messing up something simple here, but I just want to let you know I checked all the probable culprits, and found nothing that could be causing this discrepancy.

I’m getting different total word counts, depending on where I look. The first picture gives me 119.444, while the second says 120.245. I have made sure that comments and footnotes are not being accounted for. Any ideas what could be causing this?


“Estimate” is known to be off a little. If you change to “Accurate” it will likely be different.

Target doesn’t count the same way. Not sure what the difference is… For me, an accurate count of a particular project Manuscript is 63176. Estimate is about a hundred less. Target says 61008. I’m not sure what it’s not including. 2k words out of 63k is a decent-sized error. For now, I’m assuming that the “accurate” method is actually accurate (full word count), and that the number shown in “targets” is not real. It’d be nice to know why it’s off; it should show the same number if we’re only counting documents that are being compiled.

I think it’s a pretty fair margin as well. Just wanted to know if maybe I was doing something wrong!

Thanks for the help!