Different word substitutions for different templates?

I am preparing the instructions for a game that can be played using an ordinary deck of cards. But it can also be played using a gaming set called PiecePack. In Piecepack, the four suits are called Arms, Suns, Crowns and Moons. Whenever I mention a suit, I want the proper word to compile, based upon whether I am compiling for a card deck or for Piecepack. For example, I would love to write this:

$Spades rank highest among the suits.

And then if I compiled for cards, $Spades would become spades. If I compiled for Piecepack, $Spades would become Moons.

Is there a way to do anything like this in a fairly automated way?

Thnks in advance for your advice.

Compile settings can be saved into presets, and presets can have their own replacement lists, so yes, this is possible. To start, go into the Replacements compile option pane and click on the “Presets” tab. Enter your deck-specific replacements into this table, and then go to “Format As” drop-down menu and select Manage Compile Format Presets. Click on the Project Presets tab at the top, then + to add the preset.

Next you would go back to the Replacements tab and set up the second deck, then save it as its own preset. Now you can use the Format As menu to flip between the two sets depending on which you are compiling.

If you make a change to any other compile settings that is applicable to both, you’ll want to go back into that same panel to “Update” them. It will consequently be best if you design the settings as well as possible first, to avoid the busy work involved in gradually refining two different presets at once.

You can do some interesting things with this capability, anything you can do with text in Scrivener can be adjusted by a format preset via Replacements—that even means you could include pictures of a regular deck that swaps out with pictures of the PiecePack deck, using the image placeholder syntax: like <$img:5_of_spades> being replaced with <$img:pp–5_of_spades>, by looking for <$img: in the PiecePack preset and replacing it with <$img:pp-.

Thanks for a nice, clear and helpful answer.