Difficult to copy from text


I’ve just purchased, installed and am now working through the tutorial. I also have another document open (OneNote) to where I’m pasting snippets from the tutorial to help me learn, give me an overview, inspire ideas for my writing workflow, and reference.

My problem is that no matter how large or small I scale the tutorial text, it is extremely difficult to select my text without having the page quickly scroll up or down, overshooting my target source *

As I do a lot of initial copy and paste, and I understand that the tutorial mimics how my own projects will work, I’m hoping to address this issue.



  • PS: Perhaps it’s because I’m using an iPad mini instead of a full size device?

For the benefit of others sharing this problem:

While continuing the tutorial, I discovered the extra keyboard keys provided by the app, including for selecting, copy and pasting. Although not having my selection target jump away is preferable, I’m finding it a lot easier now… especially once I tailored the keys to include word jumps for selecting.

I have discovered a personal habit however. I hadn’t realized before that just as I always use the fingers of my right hand to type the letters on the right side of my keyboard, I always[ use my right hand to manually target, and select and use the context menu (copy, paste, etc).

Is it possible for me to customize the copy &etc button (as with the other custom keys) to the right, instead of the left, side of the word prediction row?

Still learning :slight_smile:

Have you discovered the trick of using the on-screan keyboard as a trackpad? Double-tap to select a word, then hold two fingers on the keyboard and begin to swipe right to move the right handle, and begin to the left to move the left handle.

Wow! Thank you Lunk. That absolutely solves my challenge :slight_smile: