Difficulty compiling in .docx format

When I attempted to compile in the .docx Novel Standard Manuscript format, I saved the file, and immediately opened it in Word 2007, however, when I did this, only one part of my story even showed up, and it seemed to be the first selected page (past the notecards) from my first folder (not even the one I was currently working on). Shortly thereafter (30 seconds), word 2007 stopped responding and had to be aborted. I tried a second time, and word did not freeze up, however it was still that one random page from my project (it is important to note, I think, that I moved several other pages (not notecards) in front and behind this in the draft folder, and redid the compile, with the exact same results, only the one selection showing up. If a picture of my screen would help at all, I am more than willing to provide one, and/or walk through the problem. Thank you Scrivener team!