Difficulty highlighting text in tables.

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and already love it. I’m using the A/V Script project template and I’m having difficulty with manipulating text in tables. If I try to click on a line other than the first two lines of the first column, the cursor jumps to the end of text in the last column. The only way I can get my cursor to the a specific point in the table is to use the keyboard cursor controls.

Any thoughts? This is driving my nuts! :open_mouth:


Hi Paul,

Glad you’re liking Scrivener so far, for the most part! I’m afraid that tables in Scrivener are far from ideal - Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, the same as TextEdit, so the tables are a bit of a black box that have been coded by Apple (and the tables Apple has provided for its standard OS X text system are nowhere as nice as the tables they coded for Pages, unfortunately). In the long term, I would like to replace tables altogether with custom code, but it’s a huge undertaking. Not only does it involve creating tables from scratch and replacing those in the standard text system, but it would also necessitate rewriting or replacing huge swathes of export and import code so that tables didn’t get lost in translation. It’s the sort of thing that becomes problematic for a one-man programming team such as myself. :slight_smile:

The above notwithstanding, they should be usable for the most part, though - they usually tend to run into the most trouble when you are resizing the cells a lot, or splitting and merging them. The problem you describe is something I have run into before which, I believe, has a specific cause, but I can’t quite remember the exact cause at the moment as I haven’t seen it for a while. Would it be possible for you to create a test project that shows the problem and either attach it to your reply (as a .zip file) or send it to us at mac.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I seem to recall that there is a way to prevent this from happening…

Thanks and all the best,