Difficulty importing converted rtf files

I’ve downloaded Scrivener for trial, and it seems incredibly helpful, but I have a problem I can’t seem to solve: When importing my files as a new project, the Word documents I converted to rtf will not import. I use Word 2008 and thought that perhaps Scrivener supports only 2004, so I converted my .docx files to .doc, and then converted those to .rtf–but still no go. I have quite a number of endnotes in several of my files and would really hate to have to recreate them unless absolutely necessary. (Also, is there a way to create endnotes in Scrivener instead of footnotes, a la Chicago Manual of Style?)

Thanks so much for any help you might offer. Whether or not these issues are resolvable, this is a terrific program–major kudos!

The easy one first… In Compile Draft there is an option that sets whether footnotes should be exported as footnotes or endnotes. Given that they appear inline in Scrivener, the decision is left until the export/print stage as to how they will appear.

As for the RTF problem - this should definitely work. What are the exact problems you are having? When you say that the documents “won’t import”, that doesn’t give me much to go on. What exactly are you trying to do and what error message are you receiving? You could also send a sample RTF file to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I can test it for you to see what is going wrong.


The error message I get says, “Import Results / Some files were not imported because they were of an unsupported file type.” I’ll send one to you at the address you’ve provided. Thanks so much for your help!–Katie

As I said in the e-mail I just sent to you a moment ago, the strange thing here is that these RTF files can’t be opened in TextEdit or Pages, either, so it seems that there is a problem with the OS X RTF importer, which Scrivener uses along with TextEdit and Pages… I even tried resaving the file and messing around with it myself, but I still couldn’t get it to open in any of these apps… Very strange…

I’ve been having exactly the same problem. The docx that I have created in word and then saved as rtf doesn’t open in anything. Is there any way to resolve this problem, which sounds like it is common?

Have you tried copy and paste? That is a rather annoying way to go about exporting your data, but it is better than nothing, and should keep your fonts intact. Wouldn’t do anything for your end notes though I bet.

Update: In snooping around on this, have you tried Microsoft’s XML format to RTF converter? It’s available from their download webage? This was released before Mac Office 2008, so that Mac users could read Windows Office 2007 .docx files. Perhaps it uses a different technique to generate RTF files?

There seems to be something going on with Word and RTF. My wife creates RTFs in Nisus Writer Express and then friends using Word on the Mac and some flavour of Word for Windows can’t open them. The Word Mac is on a pretty new iMac, but probably not the latest version; I don’t know which version of W4W, but as this is a new problem that has developed, I suspect a recent version. These are pretty straight RTF files, no images, not footnotes or endnotes, no complex styles. I don’t know why that should be so, but that’s what’s happening.
Perhaps the problems are related.