Difficulty opening my Scrivener file

A crazymaker here…

I use Scrivener on my desktop mac and on my iPad 2. It backs up to my Dropbox account. In these screenshots, here is what’s happening every time I try to open my novel. Your feedback welcomed and appreciated!

How do I simply open my file…

Screenshot #1 - I open the window

Screenshot #2 - I select my novel.scriv file

It refuses to open…then I go to File/Open and try to select the file from Dropbox.

Sometimes it opens and sometimes it doesn’t…always takes many times to open. Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and come up with a simpler way.

What version of Scrivener do you have? Please check the Scrivener -> About Scrivener window for the exact version number, and if it isn’t 3.0.2, upgrade.

What happens if you locate the project in Finder and open it by double-clicking in the Finder window?

All the projects listed in your screenshot are backups. Routinely editing backup files is a bad idea. Among other things, it will give you a lot of duplicate file names and make it difficult to identify the current version. I’d recommend renaming the current version of the project in Finder, and moving it out of the backup folder if it’s stored there.


Hi Katherine,

I have version 3.0, so I’ll upgrade.

Yes, what you stated is what I think is creating the confusion. I will do as you suggest. Thanks so much for your quick response!

I just upgraded the new version of Scrivener on my (brand new) Ipad Pro, and I’ve tried connecting Dropbox so I can open my current Scrivener projects, but when I press ‘sync’, it says that Dropbox is syncing, but nothing happens. I can’t seem to get anything into Scrivener. Help!! (and thanks in advance)