Difficulty putting backup file where I want it

I recently changed the name of a project by using Save As . . . and effectively creating another project with the revised name. I wanted the backups to be kept in a different folder and went to Preferences - Backup and chose the new folder. But when I close the renamed project it backs up with the new name but to the old backup folder. Am I missing something basic here?

Yeah, all projects will use the same central backup folder by default; this way you always know where to go, no matter what you were working on. But for those cases where a particular project does need its own place to store backups, use the Project ▸ Project Settings… menu command, and click on the Backup pane in that dialogue.

Generally speaking, I prefer to use the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… menu command rather than Save As (in fact I even override the keyboard shortcut). It kind of works the same, only you keep you working in the same original project and the copy can be automatically zipped and timestamped.

Thanks very much. Just what I needed. I have all my projects backed up to the same folder but with four projects on the go and 25 backups for each, I prefer to have each in a separate sub-folder.