Difficulty with a comic book screenplay

Hi, I’m working on a comic book script in the Mac version of Srivener- but I’m working on a project started with the windows version.

I’m currently in the editing phase of my project, tweaking the script, and I want to demonstrate a minor frustration I’m having. (Not sure whether you’d classify this as a bug or a missing feature) This is a project written originally on the windows version but that I’m editing on a mac.

First, as I’m using a custom version of the comic template, i’ll show the relevant settings for panel description and panel number:

Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Now, that issue that I’m having is, Scrivener by default, thinks that panel descriptions are panel numbers. In the example below, while editing, I changed text that stated “ten” to text that stated “twenty”. Since Scriviner thinks its a panel number, I got all caps in the edited text:

Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Clicking "panel description: after the fact doesn’t help, as the text isn’t un-capitalized, so to speak.

It would remove “mental overhead” while editing if the program could remember formatting better, or at least track when “un-capitalization” would be appropriate.

The mac version seems to sometimes remember the formatting as I reset it during editing, in other words, when I tell it, “No, this should be a panel description!” in the mac version it seems to remember it, so I don’t know if this a feature missing in the windows version? I’ll add that I’m currently using the latest version for windows when not using the MAC- but I’m sure I must have started this script during one of the windows betas.

Could you please attach the script format to your reply so that I can take a look? To do so, choose “Save to file…” from the “Manage…” pop-up menu in the bottom right of the script settings panel, then attach the resulting file using the “Upload attachment” tab below the forum reply text box.

Thanks and all the best,