Difficulty with Outline View

I find the changeability of Outline View confusing. I’d like an outline view that (1) shows the entire novel; (2) consistently keeps items in structural order only, and doesn’t change them according to name or whatever. Can this be accomplished? (I’m guessing I’d have to have the entire book in one “folder” to make everything nest in one Outline View?) I suppose I’m simply asking for the Outline to replicate the Binder. So is there any point to the request? I should know the answer but don’t.

The Outline view will show what you have selected in the Binder. If you want to see the entire Draft, select the top level in the Binder (Draft, Manuscript or whatever it is called in your current template) and you will see it.
Unless you click on something in the header row, the structural order won’t change. If it does, simply click in the Binder again to select what you want to see in the Outline view.

Duh! Like I said, I should have known the answer. Thanks much.