Diffuculty Nesting files

Using version 0.0.35, is anyone else finding it hard to drag and drop one file onto another in the binder, or add a file to a folder in the binder and have them nest? I find I am having to drag and drop file dozens of times before the actually insert. This is become prohibitive to using one of the most power aspects of this program. If I can’t easily organize my files, that’s a problem.

I have yet to determine why a file sometimes nests and most other times does not. Each time i get the little insert animation indicating that when I release the mouse button it should nest, but then it just drops the file either above or below the target. This also happens when trying to drag files to the trash. Initially I thought it was just a matter of the expander being open so that the files were visible underneath, but quickly realized there was no little triangle signifying this.

I’ve been told you need to wait for the black circle to disappear completely so that Scrivener recognizes that it’s to be nested. It takes a bit of getting used to initially but I haven’t had too many issues with it now.

I’ve discovered he “Move-to” right click function that helps when I’m getting really frustrated, so that helps, but a slightly larger target for nesting would be nice as the treeing “move-to” menu can be a pain.

Also there are the Ctrl-Arrow shortcuts that can be used to move a selection around in the outline. Right/Left for indenting; Up/Down is self-explanatory. But to confirm: that is the case you have to wait for the target dot to disappear in order to nest something, though if the container already has children, you can just slot it in as a sibling to one of the children immediately. The hover-and-wait thing is only an issue for new containers.

I’ve just upgraded from the previous beta and I agree the new binder system seems to be a lot more difficult to use. I didn’t have any problems before moving files about in the binder, but now I can’t seem to get them to go where I want them. Nesting is one issue, but I also have trouble reordering them, particularly if I want to move something to the bottom of the list but not into the bottom document or into the parent document. I have been used outline mode or the cork board to get around it.

The new system isn’t bad per say, but it seems to have removed functionality rather than adding it when compared to the previous version.

Thanks for the pointers on the ctrl-arrow short cuts, AmberV, that’s going to be a real help.