Digital notebooks or tablets, best way to get notes into Scrivener

I still like to do some writing by hand, and these days there are multiple ways to convert such notes into a digital format, e.g. using digital/smart notebooks or tablets like reMarkable. Is there a recommended way to get data from any of these into Scrivener? Is there any that work better than others in this sense? Some seem to support Evernote, but I would like to have everything in one place, i.e. inside Scrivener where the typed documents are. Ideally I’d like to buy a product that can transfer my analog notes both as digital images and text. And then import that into different Scrivener files in the most seamless fashion.

Any advise welcome, and feel free to move this post if it’s in the wrong place (this is my first post).


Scrivener can import RTF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX files. So just use the tool of your choice to export in one of those formats, and import the result.


Thanks for your answer. Since posting, I found the “sync with external folder” functionality. Hopefully that will make it a little more automatic, I’m going to try ut out now. :slight_smile: