dimmed backups question

When I go to Scriv Application Support, my files are listed as .zip but they are dimmed out. Is that correct? If so, should I need to use a backup, how do I proceed?


I’m not familiar with that condition, the only time I’ve seen Finder grey out files is when they aren’t available yet, being in the process of transfer from another drive—but I can’t think why that would be relevant in this case. I’d certainly test whether they are accessible by Option-dragging one of them to a temporary location and double-clicking to verify it unzips correctly.

Where did you save the backups? Application Support is located in the Library so have you managed to save them in a hidden system folder or did you name your backup folder Scriv Application Support?

When you “got to” the application support folder, are you using Scrivener to go there, or are you just browsing in the Finder? Scrivener cannot open a .zip file, so you’d want to copy the backup to another place, like the folder where you keep your ‘live’ project, or the Desktop, and extract contents of the .zip archive file. Then Scrivener can open it.

A possible scenario to inadvertently see the backups dimmed is one that happens as a result of a misinterpretation of the options at Scrivener Preferences > Backup. If the Choose option is clicked rather than the Open backup folder one, the user is first advanced to the last chosen backup location. As they should be, the backups there are dimmed and unavailable to select.

AmberV, lunk, rdale, scshrugged—Thank you all for your help. I still don’t know what happened (I initially went via the finder), but also think it’s possible, as scshrugged suggested, that I hit choose in error. When I go to open backup folder, the backups are available. I appreciate your time and suggestions!