Direct access to Thesaurus

Sometimes when writing, I’m searching for a new word. consulting the thesaurus is “right click - spelling & tools - click over to thesaurus”.

what about thesaurus in the right-click menu so it automatically pops up?

Not detracting from your Wish List item but you might find this easier than what you’re doing now:
Highlight a word > right-click > Look Up word––the resulting pane content depends upon which dictionaries/thesauri you’ve downloaded to the system Dictionary app. Also, there’s a link to the complete app at the bottom of the pane. [Scrivener uses that system app; it doesn’t have its own.]

You could also assign Dictionary app as a Keep in Dock app for random, quick access.

Forgot one more––you can right-click on the toolbar to enter the Customize Toolbar feature then add the dictionary icon for quick access to the app.

Hopefully, these options make things more fluid for you.

You can set up the Mac to use three-finger tap as the look-up command. You don’t even have to highlight the word. Just point the cursor on the word and three-finger tap.
(You set it up in System settings)

You’re assuming that those of using Macs have touchpads. The iMacs and Mac minis do not… :wink:

My iMac has. Haven’t you heard of stand-alone touchpads? :wink:

The default system-wide shortcut for this is ⌃⌘D, as well—same idea, you just point at the word even if you’re typing elsewhere. Or if you are typing and the mouse pointer is hidden, the cursor position is used.