Direct-Sale to App Store?

In my searching, I found an article describing how you can use the Direct-Sale version of Scrivener if you have previously bought the Mac App Store version. Great!

But what I want to know, is since I bought the Direct-Sale version a while ago, can I now register my purchase status with the app store? It would simply further downloads and updates with future computers. My copy works, which is great, but I’d love to be able to have it in my App Store.

Any comments/help greatly appreciated!

There is no way to do that, unfortunately Apple does not allow the necessary code it would take to check for a direct-sale copy.

That said, Scrivener includes updating checking right in the software. You can enable automatic checking (including how often) in the General preference pane, or check manually from main Scrivener application menu. In practice it shouldn’t be any more difficult than launching another program entirely in order to update.

Generally speaking, the direct-sale version is superior anyway. There is a reason we built a migration path out of the MAS version. :slight_smile: Actually, there are dozens of reasons, and none of them are things we can do anything about thanks to the rules you have to follow there.

Thank you for your reply!

I am not too bothered about my situation and I shall indeed keep on using the Direct-sale copy I have.

Many thanks!