direct speech and dialogue


i was just starting a novel with the “Novel (with parts)” template. When I start a new paragraph, the text is inserted but I’m not sure if that’s correct when uisng direct speech.

--------->The new book she bought some days later was really nice, but
after 100 pages now it was getting more und more boring.
--------->“Hey, what are you reading?”, he asked.
--------->She didn’t notice that he had entered the room, sometimes he
was as quiet as a cat.

After the direct speed, the paragraph looks not very nice, does it? Do you have any idea how to use a better format?


Personally I never bother with the templates Scrivener offers, I just use the basic blank project and then configure the set up to please myself. I can’t stand indents and I like a gap between the next line of my text at the end of a paragraph. I tidy it up once I compile to a word document.

However, you can adjust the appearance by clicking on tools>options> and then selecting the editor and experimenting how you want your text to display.

[Forgive me, you did not ask for assistance on this and I am sure it is probably a typo, but the pedant in me won’t let go. You have a superfluous comma after the question mark following “reading” - just in case you weren’t aware. Madam pedant will leave you now.]

Thank you.

The dialogue was just written very quickly for this thread since I don’t write my novel in English. :wink: And you don’t have to excuse for that. :smiley: