Direct-to-SmashWords and CreateSpace in Compile

Hey all,

My request is simple on the surface, but perhaps a bit complex to implement. I propose that — since so many people use it — the dev(s) build in two new options into Compile: (1) Direct To Smashwords and (2) Direct to CreateSpace. The former uses Word paragraph stylings (and Word bookmarks and hyperlinks, in the case of the ToC), and the process of going from a Scrivener-produced .doc file to a Smashwords Style Guide-compliant .doc file is arduous, tedious, and could really, really, really benefit from automation. (I’ve thought about writing an AppleScript which does it, truthfully). Smashwords submission requirements are the same for everybody — there’s no variation in what is required for their Meatgrinder process to work with a .doc file. This would require Scrivener writing paragraph styles to the generated .doc file, but other than that, the setup for this would be trivial, and would save many of us oh so much work after-the-fact. The other option, involving CreateSpace, is much simpler . . . all they require is a print-ready PDF and a standards-compliant cover file (also in PDF form). Scrivener could automate the process of building a PDF file to their specifications, logging into their service, going through the hoops to submit interior and cover files. These would be really great compile options, and I know that if they were there, quite a few folks would gladly take advantage of them!

Very complex. :slight_smile:

There’s more than one request here. For a start, the request for Word styles is a huge task requiring me to write an entirely custom RTF parser, as I explained recently to another one of your requests regarding Word styles. So, that’s way off in the future. (Word bookmarks and hyperlinks are already supported, though.) So, your “other than that” part of the request is possibly the most show-stopping and difficult.

It is already possible to create a CreateSpace PDF from Scrivener - the “Paperback Novel” Compile format, in fact, creates a CreateSpace-ready PDF file provided you are using a structure based on the Novel or Novel (with Parts) templates. However, that Compile format is really just provided as an example of what can be done. It will never be possible in Scrivener to have a “just do it” button and have it Compile directly to CreateSpace or Smashwords without the user doing a lot of set-up in Compile, since the Compile formatting will always need to be tweaked to the structure you have used, and to the sort of book you want to create.

As for logging in to CreateSpace or Smashwords and all of that hoopla, that is entirely out of Scrivener’s scope. There will always be new services that people would want Scrivener to submit to (why not also submit .mobi files directly to Amazon etc), and all of those services change their internal code or submission processes from time to time, and each time they did, the code in Scrivener would need changing. Although I can certainly understand why a user might want to do this sort of thing, it’s not really feasible with a program that can be used for so many different types of writing and for compiling to so many different destinations.