Directory properties definitely changed by Scrivener


The way my work is organised, I’m always moving directories around.
Now, with Scrivener, this becomes an attractive opportunity, as I can move my directories inside the project directory, to have the files I need nearby.

But there’s a little problem…
Once a directory is moved into that “Whatever.scriv” directory, it becomes impossible to customise it, as the customisation tab has disappeared.

I use this windows function for visual purpose : The icon of each directory makes part of my tricks for quick orientation.
As long as this happens only inside the .scriv directory, it does not matter, but even when the directory is moved back to its original location, this tab does not reappear.

This is Win7 Home Premium

Any files you want in Scrivener need to be imported in. I don’t think you’re supposed to be messing around inside the folders on your own. Because everything in there is now controlled THROUGH the Scrivener interface.

For example, there were some maps of Washington D.C. I kept referencing for my latest project. I created a folder inside Research and then imported the maps into it. Now I can see them directly in Scrivener and they are organized with in my project.

If you wanted to keep pertinent files with your Scrivener project but not INSIDE Scrivener, I recommend creating a folder to put them in, and then move your Scrivener project folder into it.