Disable Compile, Word Count, and Visibility for Arbitrarily Selected Docs and Notes (and portions thereof)?

A couple of wishes for controlling word count, compile, visibility:

I want to eliminate portions of a project from word count, compile, and even to eliminate their visibility (hide|unhide), in any combination, arbitrarily. By portions, I mean something as small as a string of text in a document. The text would be ignored or hidden. All surrounding text would remain in view, and in play for compile and word count. Of course I would like to do the same at the folder and document level, as is already possible in part.

I would like to be able to perform the same operations on any given footnote or within any given footnote.

Do we have any of these capabilities in the latest version?

Thx, k

Almost all metadata in Scrivener is assigned at the document level. Within a document, the best choice would be to embed the “hidden” text in a comment or inline annotation.

Of course, you can make Scrivener documents as granular as you like. A single sentence is not too short.