Disable effect of ESC key in editor

When I’m in the Editor and I press the ESC key, a drop down list comes up. All too often I accidentally accept an alternative word.
How can I disable this particular action of the ESC key in the Scrivener Editor pane?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am about to receive the final proofs for a 700 page novel and really don’t want to accidentally introduce errors into my scrivener copy (from which i export into word and with an applescript I wrote can search and compare with the readable proof pdf).
Many thanks

I’m not aware of a way to disable that completely. It is a function of the basic Apple text engine. We have completion specifically set up to Opt-Esc, because not all keyboards locales allow you to just hit Esc by itself—but that doesn’t change the underlying system default if it is there.