Disable element pop-up in Script mode?

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First of all, need to say it… I’m a big fan. Beautiful piece of software here. Thank you…

In Script mode, hitting return twice now brings up the elements pop-up menu. Is there a way to disable this (perhaps per element), so hitting return twice would, in effect, just move the cursor down two lines?

In early drafts of screenplays (where Scrivener excels…) I often the General Text style (or my own custom “Note” style) to insert a few lines or paragraphs outside of standard script formatting (eg. “Need more info here” or “Something happens at this point that’s really funny that I can’t think of yet.”) For this general text/note element, I’d like the return key to operate as it does with general text, allowing for multiple “carriage returns” in a row.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks…

Does it need to be a hard return, since it’s not part of the script formatting anyway? You can insert multiple line breaks without getting the pop-up using Ctrl-Return or Opt-Cmd-Return. You could also switch out of script mode while writing your notes (Cmd-8) and then switch back when you wanted to continue in script formatting.


As MM says, the best way of doing this is just to hit cmd-8 to switch to regular text mode, write away, and then hit cmd-8 again to return to script mode - you can mix scriptwriting and regular text within a document.

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Thanks very much. Ctrl-return and switching out of script mode both will work great. Really appreciate the info…

(Keith, for what it’s worth, keep doing what your doing. Please. You’ve created (and are improving) something really nice here. Many thanks.)


Many thanks for the kind words, Blair, much appreciated. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!
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