Disable ellipsis

Using Scrivener 3.1.2 for Mac on OS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra).
The messages relating to the conversion of three dots to an ellipsis are mostly pretty old, and certainly don’t work for me. Can someone tell me how to turn off the ellipsis. When I put three dots, I would like three dots, as opposed to an ellipsis.

It’s in Settings -> Corrections -> Punctuation

uncheck: use smart dashes and ellipses in new projects

Hope that works.


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That only works for future projects. To turn it off for current projects, be sure that Edit > Substitutions > Smart Dashed and Ellipses is unchecked.

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Brilliant, thanks! I was already searching ages for this solution.

Could be good to part Smart Dashes and Ellipses in separate options. We, for example, work with dashes, but not with ellipses.
Yet this only affects people not using em/en-dash autoreplace workarounds, so it should be a minor issue.