Disable Spell Check for Annotations

Annotations can contain many custom shorthands. For instance, I often omit vowels in annotations for speed and to take up less space on screen. They trigger the auto-correct in spell check. Adding them to the custom dictionary is not an option since they should be picked up as mistakes in the main text. Ignoring them one-by-one is time-consuming. It would be great to have the option of disabling spell check for annotations alone.


Unfortunately the spell check engine is a system of layers provided by the operating system, and how it chooses to scan the text is not something under the control of the software asking for its services. So I’m afraid this one falls into the “Yes that makes sense, but it can’t be done without reinventing the wheel” stack.

I see what you mean. Thanks for looking into this and explaining why it can’t be done for now. :slight_smile: