Disable superscripted ordinals (nd, th, st)

Rather than start a new thread I though I would add to this one since the topic is related.

When typing dates thus: 6th April 2022, Scriv automatically puts the ‘th’(or ‘nd’) into a smaller type with a higher baseline. Not strictly superscript but that is the effect.

When transferring to Nisus this then appears as a smaller type with the same baseline as the standard body text. Something similar happens when compiling to Word docx but with a higher baseline. With Nisus, I can probably sort this with a macro, possibly with a VBA macro in the case of Word.

However the question is, what exactly is Scriv doing and can this be toggled on/off? I can’t see anything obvious in the compile settings so it must be somewhere in the defaults.

Yes this can be turned off, the setting is in the Corrections settings tab: Superscript ordinals (1st, 2nd, etc).

Thanks for this Amber, it’s good to know I can turn it off if necessary.

However I would like to replicate it if possible when I transfer the compiled manuscript to Nisus .rtf Would I be correct in saying that on a 12pt body text Scriv is using 8pt with a baseline of +6pt?

When transfered to Nisus these appear as 8pt but a baseline of zero. Nisus can do a raised baseline, but since there are many instances it would be necessary to alter them via a macro and I’m not sure if this would be possible.

I don’t think I know enough about how word processors or Nisus Writer Pro work to give you a good answer, hopefully someone else knows how to handle this.

Here are my thoughts on the matter though, and whether one should be resorting to font size and baseline hacks to do this.

Thanks Amber, it looks as though I’ve opened a far bigger can of worms than I anticipated.

I’m not super precious about typography so I think the best is if I have a play with Nisus and then see if I can do a macro for the conversion. If that looks to be more trouble than it’s worth then I can simply turn them off in Scriv and go for the English convention of 22nd etc.

For what I’m doing on this project, I doubt anyone will care :slight_smile: