Disable Tabs for Multiple Scrivener Projects Open

Is there a way to turn off tabs when you open multiple scrivener workbooks? I’m assuming there is a good reason this was put into the program, but for me, it doesn’t work. I have two screens and when I have two open I put the other one on the other screen so I can use both. Tabbing back and forth between the two doesn’t work well for me. If there isn’t a way to turn them off, could you please add one. It’s a small thing to pull them apart, but it would save time.



I agree — tabs are useful in a small number of circumstances, but for general use they just get in the way. (Why anyone wants them in Finder is beyond me – you need to be able to see both windows at once…)

Anyway, AFAIK this whole tabbing nonsense is controlled by the OS rather than Scrivener, so you need to turn it off there:

System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents and choose Manually or In Full Screen Only

After than, projects will open as nature intended them too, wild, free and happy, safe in their own windows.

Brookter thanks, I found it.