"disabling" a scene

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to “disable” a scene ( I wish I could just hit right click disable/enable). I don’t want to have to take the scene out and add it in just to audition it because that creates a high margin of error if I accidentally move it somewhere else and breaks the flow of reading/writing my script. If I can quickly disable a scene and see how my screenplay works without it at that section, I’ll be chopping scenes and saving money big money time, as well as having an optimal and efficient story.

There are few ways, depending partly on how you write. For example if, like me, you use Scrivenings mode to view multiple documents (scenes) at once, then simply command clicking on that document (scene) in the binder will de-select it so it is not displayed in the editor. All without moving a thing!

If you want to mark scenes so it easier to tell which ones you want to keep and which to you are considering deleting, you could use a label or status, use a keyword, create a custom meta-data field or, simplest of all, just unselect “Include in compile” (visible in the inspector) – the latter is what I do.

Note that the “include in Compile” checkbox also does what its name implies: you can compile finished output documents with and without the questionable scene(s). Very useful if you want someone else’s input on the proposed change.


The first suggestion is what i’m looking for. Seems like a right click>disable feature would still be nice for the sake of being to click other things the binder. But this will work!

Note that an added benefit of this method is that you can see how a document (scene) works somewhere else simply selecting different combinations in the binder. I restructured large sections (and also avoided restructuring other sections) of my thesis with the help of this feature.

Also, if you use the Include in Compile toggle, you can use the menu command Documents → Open → With Compilable Subdocuments to show a folder/document/scene with only the child items marked for compile. No need then for multiple clicks.
UPDATE: I just realised that this can also be accomplished with a Shift-Option-Click on the parent folder/document/scene. A nice one-click solution. :slight_smile:

If you use split screen, then you can have your Scrivenings session open in one editor and then whatever else you want to see in the other (so then you can click on whatever you like without affecting your Scrivenings view). Finally, if split-screen doesn’t work for you, you can also open individual documents (scenes) in separate, free-floating, QuickReference panels.