Disabling "distractions" in fullscreen mode

I would love it if certain common distractions to be muted upon fullscreen mode. For me, I’d specifically like for Growl notifications to be turned off and for my Adium status to be changed to busy, and, of course, to be changed back when leaving fullscreen mode.

Since different people use different apps and have different distractions they need to tame, it seems like the most flexible way to implement this sort of functionality would be to allow the user to specify an Applescript to be triggered on enter and exit of fullscreen mode.

I like the AppleScript idea, because you are right this is going to be a different problem for everyone, and there will be an unpredictable number of applications producing distractions, and for some what might be distracting to you is useful, like Growl, as you can set up Scrivener to alert you when you’ve reached certain goals in full screen.

Keith will have to comment on whether or not this is viable, but like I say, I like this better than any hard-coded things. Some will want the Internet for research, others will not, and so on.