Disabling double click on doc history

I always have both the right and left editors open with ten or more carefully arranged documents in each history. I’m always flipping back and forth through the documents–usually without incident–but sometimes I double click the greyed out forward arrow when I’ve reached the end of the history and the alternate editor closes, filling the screen with this last document.

Of course, my first reaction is panic. (I’m worried I’m going to have to spend ten minutes setting up my document histories again.) Then I usually am able to split the editor with the button in the upper right corner of the editor and get back to where I was.

Is it possible to disable this double click functionality? Or is there some other trick I’m missing?



Hi Rob,

What you have described here is actually a bug. I had no idea that clicking on a disabled button in the header caused this behaviour - it shouldn’t. It is related to double-clicking on the splitter bar to close it. Unfortunately, it seems that the standard Apple behaviour is to extend this double-click area to any disabled section of the split pane… Grr. I’ve added it to the list for 1.11.


EDIT: Fixed for 1.11.

Thanks! (At first I thought it was a bug, but too many times I’ve posted in the bug forum only to find out I was missing some button that was right in front of my face…)