Disabling Ellipses Substitution

I’ve previously disabled auto substitution of triple periods with ellipses. But now it doesn’t work anymore, triple periods become ellipses again automatically.
In Scrivener, the option “Replace triple periods with ellipses” is unchecked.
In Mac System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, the replacement list is blank.
I’m using Maverick. Last time it was working in Mountain Lion.

I think I’ve found a problem with Mavericks in this area. I was testing in TextEdit, which is just the basic text engine that Scrivener uses with no embellishments. Like you, I had all text substitutions turned off in the system preferences panel, but noted three dots would still form into the single character ellipses. It turns out that if you disable Edit/Substitutions/Smart Dashes, then ellipses substitution also disables.

So conveying that knowledge to Scrivener, I went into the Corrections preferences and tried toggling “Replace double hyphens with em-dashes”, and sure enough, that also controls ellipses. With em-dash substitution disabled, ellipses follows suit. It appears 10.9 is conflating dashes and ellipses for whatever reason, and since Scrivener just uses the OS for this stuff, it ends up with the same problem.

:unamused: Maybe they reprogrammed that setting to save energy in Mavericks.

A good way to make sure that the output contains 3 periods when you compile: Choose “Convert ellipses to triple periods” in the Transformations section of the Compile dialogue. You have to compile, or hold the OPT key down to change “compile” button to a “Save” button in order for your setting to stick.

… or will that work, Amber? It’s under “Plain Text conversions”, which makes me doubt its effectiveness when compiling to non-plain text output.

Thanks. I was just about to ask this question.

This does work. The label is meant to imply that the result of the transformation is purely done with text, as opposed to formatting, like the section below. So it is “plain text”, not “plain-text”. :slight_smile:

Feature request: Change that heading to “plain-old, ordinary, non-fancy text” to avoid confusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great find, thanks. That fixes the problem.
As a suggestion, can we modify Scrivener preferences in the next version to reflect the new behavior of Maverick’s TextEdit? It might break those using earlier OSX, though. Hmm.

That’s what we’re going to have to do. It’s annoying, but if the text engine thinks an ellipses is a kind of dash, the options should reflect it’s total confusion and combine them into a single option. :slight_smile:


Using the suggestions in this thread, I managed to stop Scrivener replacing three dots. It works in normal Document Editor mode, HOWEVER when I’m editing in Scrivenings mode it replaces the three dots.

I 1) use three dots a lot and 2) like working in Scrivenings mode.

Any work-arounds?

(Using Yosemite, Scriv 2.6)

EDIT: Weird. Seems to be OK now. I didn’t change anything, so I’ll see if I notice it down the track.

EDIT 2: Happening again now. Don’t know what I did differently.