Disabling hypenation in ebooks

I’m trying to compile an ebook in ePub format. The original text doesn’t contain any hypenation.
I’ve opened it in Calibre and it looks perfect, but in the Apple Books app hypenation is enabled - and most words are hypenated in the wrong way!
I’ve fixed this by putting “hypens: none” in the CSS file, buy I was wondering if there is a better way to control this directly from Scrivener? I was unable to find anything about this in the manual.

Bruno Del Frate

You definitely can handle this from Scrivener’s side of things, and that general approach is documented in §24.7, CSS:

  1. In the compile overview screen, double-click on your compile Format in the left sidebar to edit it.
  2. Go into the CSS pane, and first make sure “Append Custom CSS Stylesheet” is set (it should be by default).
  3. Add the following CSS to the left column:
p { -webkit-hyphens: none; hyphens: none; }

That should do it. It’s also worth noting that whether or not hyphenation is used by Books is a reader preference, in the General pane. Generally I am a proponent of leaving these decisions up to the reader, and by forcing the matter with CSS you’re removing the reader’s choice in the matter. You’re also reducing the quality of the type if the reader prefers full justification. They’ll get unsightly gaps between words and such.

Thanks for your reply, AmberV.
That’s what I already did, but I was just wondering if there was a way to edit language and hypenation options somewhere in the Scrivener settings, instead of having to edit CSS files.
I agree, disabling hypenation isn’t the best choice, but I’m still unable to get my whole text hypenated without errors.
As my book is written in Italian language, perhaps I have to specify this somewhere in Scrivener, so correct hypenation rules can be applied?

Here’s an example: correct spelling for the underlined word should be “consape-volezza”.

Bruno Del Frate

I think I’ve found the solution. In my ebook metadata, I just had to type “it” in the language code field and recompile the ebook: this fixed all the hypenation errors! :slight_smile:

No there isn’t a special checkbox for that, particularly because it isn’t advisable to force them off (your situation was definitely a special case though) for body text. It does make sense to force them off in headings and other special cases, but you would need to use CSS for that.

Excellent! I meant to say and forgot to, that it sounds like maybe your ebook reader was trying to use English rules. But it makes sense it was the book that was set to English. Glad it’s working well now.